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what is the literal translation of " خلالها مع كل من " the whole text is: يصل إلى القاهرة يوم الأثنين القادم وزير خارجية في زيارة عمل قصيرة و وسيبحث خلالها مع كل من وزير الخارجية و وزير الدفاع تطورات الوضع في المنطقة Ive translated it as: "Next Monday the Israeli minister of foreign affairs will arrive in Cairo for a short working visit and will discuss the with minister of foreign affairs and the minister of defense the developments of the situation in the region." however, this leaves out خلالها مع كل من! is there a way to express this in english? if not, please tell me what it literally meansso would you translate it as: "he will discuss through it with every minister of foreign affairs and minister of defense"?
Jan 28, 2011 5:11 PM
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It means: Through a particular thing or something else.. In the text, it means that the discussions between the ministers will be decided TROUGH this visit. So it means that through this visit or in it there will be discussions between the ministers. You can express it as : "Through" or " IN" or" AT"... Examples: سأتدرب على اللغة العربية من خلال الاسمتاع الى بعض البرامج العربية أستطيع الرؤية بشكل أفضل من خلال النظارات الطبية I'll practice on Arabic through listening to some Arabic programs. I can see better through using the pair of glasses.
January 28, 2011
سيبحث خلالها مع كل من = during which he will discuss with
January 28, 2011
first يصل إلى القاهرة يوم الأثنين القادم وزير خارجية في زيارة عمل قصيرة should be يصل إلى القاهرة يوم الأثنين القادم وزير الخارجية في زيارة عمل قصيرة that is case we dont add the name of country after وزير خارجية الصين مثلاً 2nd خلالها it`s خلال ها Khelal means through (time/phisical sense) haa mean it (to link through with visiting) مع with/by كل all/everyone/both (here means both) من of note : when we use كل من togather it will translated regarding number of people comes after best regards..
January 29, 2011
i think it may be وسيبحث خلالها مع كل من and during it he will discuss with each of
February 10, 2011
خلالها مع كل من خلالها = through مع = with كل من = all of
January 29, 2011
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