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Recommendations on products/methods for character-input to computer? I am interested in learning Chinese characters through writing (without using paper, if it can be avoided). What would be the best way for me to write (input) Chinese characters to the computer? I have been using IME (pinyin) input through my computer and regular keyboard. There are tablets (input devices) that translate handwriting into characters. It would be nice to find something that would work in: qq, skype, and skritter. Many of these devices are selling at reasonable prices on eBay. My thinking is that these might be faster for input and also work as a mouse and minimize electrostatic shock from computer. There are also keyboards and computers in Chinese with different input methods. My questions are: Which would be best for my use? Which could I learn how to use before I learn Chinese (software and device language)? Which would help me to learn Chinese and how? One review which I read said to beware of viruses contained in this sort of product's driver CD software. How could I avoid viruses on my computer?Computer writing sounds like fun and has many applications including communication while "pen & paper" does not. I wouldn't do it if there isn't fun in doing it, that is, primary-enjoyable-activity. I still hold out hope that there's a way to learn characters better and faster while skipping the torturous apprenticeship curriculum. People at say that Skritter offers guidance with stroke order and vocabulary geared to textbooks which enable people to learn hanzi and kanji faster (and right the first time). I think I learn best aurally (by hearing pinyin) and was also thinking of trying along with skritter and qq and skype. The writing is to add mechanical action and actual practical use. I'm not planning a trip to China at the moment, but I can do instant messaging. From my good experiences with eBay Chinese sellers, Chinese items come directly from China and the mail comes fast!
2011年1月28日 19:38
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You're better off buying these tablets from a shop. Actually, there are plenty of these available in Mainland China at extremely cheap prices. That is probably where the eBay boys are getting them. On your next trip to China pop into any computer store or department store. They should have them. Otherwise the best way to do this requires two things that are easy to obtain at very low prices: 1. Pen 2. Paper Why you want to learn without either of those is beyond me.
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