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Translation Un ragazzino a un amico: - Sai, vorrei morire come mio nonno. È morto nel sonno, e non s’è accorto di niente: in fondo, è un bel modo di andarsene. Ma soprattutto non vorrei morire urlando di paura come gli altri che erano con lui nella sua macchina... One boy and his friend: You know that I am sleepy. I am sleep just like I am going to die. ???????????????????????????? How to translate?
Jan 29, 2011 5:48 AM
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you know, id rather die like my grandfather. He died in his sleep, and he didnt feel a thing: all considered, it is a good way to pass away. But above all i dont want to die screaming out their fear like those that were in the car with him. (it is a joke, isnt it)
January 30, 2011
Translated straight from English it would be: "Lo sai che sono stanco/ho sonno... ho tanto sonno che mi sento come se dovessi morire." [you know that I am tired/sleepy, I am so sleepy that I feel like I am going to die]. But this is very redundant and does not really show "death" in a metaphorical way. Indeed, we have an two expressions for that, which are: "sono stanco morto" = "I´m dead tired" and "Ho sonno da morire" = (litt. "I´m sleepy to die"), I´m sleepy like hell. They are very common and very effective. Your sentence will be: "Lo sai che stanco. Ho (proprio) sonno da morire!" [I used stanco (tired) and avere sonno (to be sleepy), because the Italian language avoids repeating words. In any case you could also say "Lo sai che ho sonno. Ho proprio sonno da morire!" or, to make it sound less redundant "Lo sai che ho sonno. Anzi, ho sonno da morire!" = You know I´m sleepy. Nah, I´m rather sleepy like hell!"]
January 29, 2011
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