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Endings of Polish verbs and adjectives!!! I noticed that many endings of Polish verbs and adjectives are the same. E.g., verbs: wyszukiwać, czytać, pracować, robić - the ending is 'ać, ić'; adjectives: czarny, mały, śmeszny, pyszny, głodny - the ending is 'y (ny)'. Is there any exceptions which has different ending?! Dear Polacy,tell me, please!
Jan 29, 2011 6:37 PM
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All infinitive endings used in Polish are listed here: Adjectives in our amazing language are pretty cool as they inflect for cases, count (plural/singular), gender. More about adjectives:
January 29, 2011
of course, there is much more endings! for example "to run" - biec, "to know" - wiedzieć, "to destroy" - zniszczyć, As for adjectives, it depends on if it is neutral, masculine or feminine adjective , and "y" is ending for masculine nominativus. Feminine is czarna, mała, śmieszna. Neutral - czarne, małe, śmieszne
January 29, 2011
January 29, 2011
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