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what do you do in new year holiday Hi, i want to learn about chinese culture more. So what do you do special for new year holiday different then visiting the family.. Is there any special meals, special actions and ect.
Jan 29, 2011 6:43 PM
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In China, people more focus on the Chinese Lunar New Year than the date of the western new year (1st Jan)(but they also celebrate western new year). In Lunar New Year, there is a holiday of roughly 7 days (or more). Married people will give red pocket (with money inside) to kids they known. People ignite firecrackers to celebrate and they have some traditional food with specially good names, wishing luck in that year.
January 30, 2011
I am pretty free. So I want to learn cooking. :D
January 30, 2011
stay with the family, go to the relatives ,hang out with friends,travel
February 6, 2011
let me sum it up. Pay, respect, tour. pay: it begin from a few days before the real new year day( the 3rd) coming. ppl are very busy for cleaning house , to shoping, buy lots of foods for the coming weeks. respects: to bow down respect one's anciestors who passaway, and also living olders like grandparents, parents. also including going to budhudist temple for prayers to ask the fortune for the whole years. tour: at the end of the new year tasks, after finished doing paying, respectations. and itz come to the end of the festival,. so itz time to parties. going out, hanging out with family, travel, or activities....(depends on each families) good luck ! & bless you happy lunar new year 2011
January 31, 2011
purchase the groceries for the celebration lasting for 15days watch the program of CCTV or HNTV relating to New Year celebration obit at the bier then go to temple to pray see my friends and so on
January 30, 2011
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