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Not a singular mistake did I make in my speech there is no mistake I made in my speech OR all of mistakes I made are not singular in my speech?ok~~~ let me explain..... in chinese 在我的发言中,我没犯一个低级的错误( 1, 我一个错误都没犯; 2,我犯了很多非低级错误。。。)
Jan 30, 2011 9:11 AM
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我没犯一个低级的错误 = I didn't make one rudimentary mistake. 我犯了很多非低级错误 = I made a lot of rudimentary mistakes. 我一个错误都没犯 = I didn't make a single mistake. 低级 = rudimentary
January 30, 2011
Not a SINGLE mistake did I make in my speech. not a single = 一個也沒有
January 30, 2011
There's no one at all.
January 30, 2011
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