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How can use "meri" and "mera"with a name of a person
2011年1月30日 10:24
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First Person I - main My - mera (m) , meri (f) , mere (pl) But this gender difference for "my" does not depend on your gender, it depends on the gender of the object that belongs to you. Whether you are a man or a woman, you would say: Mera naam (my name, naam is masculine) Meri kitaab (my book, book - kitaab is fem.) mere dost (my friends)
ra, re, ri, ka, ke, ki are possessives, which one to use depends on gender of subject only ex naam is masculine so u will always say meRA naam(my name)(doesnt matter if u r a girl or boy) usKA naam(his/her name) kiska naam??(whos name) ex.2 kitaab(book) is femenine so u will always use ri or ki to show possession ex. meri kitaab(my book ) uski kitaab(his/ her book) humaari kitab(our book) ghar(home) masculine mera ghar uska ghar humara ghar so repeating again, with "naam" always mera (or mere) is used and "meri" is never used.
meri = मेरी रानी Mērī rānī mera = मेरा नाम रामू है Mērā nāma rāmū hai
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