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Why do you study Arabic? I was being told that Arabic is very difficult. Meanwhile, I was curious about Islam and wanted to know more about it. So I have chose Arabic to be my second foreign language to find out whether it is as difficult as I had been told.
Jan 30, 2011 12:22 PM
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For me , is that I live in Arabic countries , plus studying and working :) I'm interested in reading Arabic literature and learning it , Also , I'm fond of the art of Arabic Calligraphy
January 30, 2011
each foreign language is difficult when we start learn it,, so we must love this language that we are learning,, with loving the language we are learning we ll find it more easy :).. learning Arabic at first is difficult as any language but later im sure u ll love Arabic and u ll find it an easy language :).. for me Arabic language is the best language and also i think it makes my voice more beautiful when i speak it :D,, Arabic is a tender language,, i hppe inshaAllah u ll speak it as a native speaker soon. and i ll help u :)
February 4, 2011
January 30, 2011
Arabic is really difficult to learn but i think it;s the real language all around the world any one who learns Arabic language will discover why it's the real one. hey sister if you chose it ot be the second languae ,it will be the turnning point for your life (i mean to be more beautiful)
January 31, 2011
hi i would like to help you as much as i can if you want arabic is difficult to somehow but verrrrrrry interesting and emotianal language with practice it will be easy and nice hope the best for you
January 31, 2011
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