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What confuses you the most about learning English? I'm just curious about what confuses non-native English speakers about learning the language. Is it vocabulary? Sentence structure? Is there something about the language that is hindering your learning process? Thank you for reading.The title of this question should really be: "What confuses you the most about English?".
30 sty 2011 19:01
Answers · 17
English is fine; there's only one thing about it that bothers me: Why doesn't English follow the rules of my mother tongue? ;)
30 stycznia 2011
Hi Lanette, There are a few things that confuse me as a non-native English speaker: 1. Prepositions! I can't understand when to use which one. There are a couple of rules, but you have to just remember word combinations. 2. Choice between a gerund and an infinitive after another verb. But I like English.
30 stycznia 2011
Oh...I forgot it... these 3 prepositions are diffucult for me too. I haven't learnt yet to use them correctly, I use to confuse them IN - AT - ON (In spanish these 3 prepositions can be translated as "EN" .... I think it's easier in spanish) :P
1 lutego 2011
Oral english confuess me for a long time.I aways talk to others after thinking sentences several minutes.
31 stycznia 2011
English is my native language but I feel i learn something everyday about it. Its rough, English seems so complicated to other languages.
31 stycznia 2011
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