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If I enrolled in distance learning university in UK , USA , or Japan, do I have to travel there .. I want to study via distance learning , but I don't know if I have to travel there ( the country in which I chose the university to study) !
Jan 30, 2011 11:09 PM
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That pretty much depends what you study. If the course requires an on site practical then you must go there. My present course though is 100% online. I never go to the university. They even have exam centres worldwide. You will have to check with each individual university and each course and see what they have to offer.
January 31, 2011
I totally agree with Mera2
February 18, 2011
Believe me that I'm aware of what you are saying , and I also look for reasons before I do or believe something, even in my religion . The pork meat is not like other animal meats , When I and Angela and others mentioned about the disease it's only one aspect of it ,AND If the science can deal with it then TELL ME why the health centers are telling people about pork meat disadvantages ( Jura answer that in your post and you can search for more in the internet )(((((((((((((((Please search for the disadvantages of pork meat and how the science now proved it's harmfulness .)))))))))))))))))))))) ( search it in the scientific point of view and you will see that it's not only the disease that is harmful and many other things that the technology in here advanced term can't do nothing about it . ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// It's not a dictatorial act by a religion , we believe that the creator of this word and the Lord of all creatures knows better than mere human ,((( and If you search for reasons you will find it ))). and why I do believe in What my God said it that He told is in his holy book Quran , Things that recent science proved it, such as the secrets of the universe ( the exact thing that Nasa found it now , but it mention in Quran since the 7th century ) and how human created in his mother's womb and many other medical stuff . in the past people may not knew that , but now we see the exact thing that are mention in Quran are proved by scientific researches . Do YOU THINK THIS IS A COINCIDENCE !!! We don't ( the mind can't denies the logic and science ) . WE are not believe only because it's a dictatorial orders form God , but what He said and we saw it's proved before our eyes in this century . This is why we believe in what is said and know that what is forbidden is has been forbidden for our sake . ( you can see this links http://www.quranmira
February 18, 2011
regarding to your answered for angela in "halal" topic in my post. yeah, i'm trying to understand all about islamic, i'm pretty much interested it. okay, you mentioned about swine eats dirty things so allah knew if we eat and can cause us to die. (yes, i agree with you that, in the old time, those animal are dirty) but, now we feed the swine in the good way, and itz healthy and eat as food as chicken. ) so, i just want to show you, how different the pigs are in the old time and now. yes, so. the pigs now are as clean and we can control their food so, they are healthy and safe for human to eat. what do you think? (for me sometimes something in the old doctrine may have to adapted to the new age? )
February 14, 2011
Eliot is right
January 31, 2011
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