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Chang Min
Give me examples using the word "families" GIve me some examples that use the word "families" not "family"
2011年2月1日 00:52
Answers · 9
Families who eat together can share their ideas. Some people prefer small families, others prefer large families. Those families are poor because a cyclone demolished their houses. A lot of families are starving all over the world Many families were separated during World War 2.
"My family is big. I have ten kids." "Cindy's husband cheated on her. He had two families!"
"Though Romeo and Juliet loved each other, their families were against each other." "All of the families in my neighborhood have more than 4 children in them." "When learning vocabulary it is important to learn word families, not just individual words." "Children growing up in dysfunctional families often need counseling." "The Gambino, Luchesse, and Colombo families are three of the most infamous mafia groups in New York."
By the way Google can help you! Tape "families" and enjoy! =)
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