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What's Going On In Egypt? Thousands of people began to take the streets to protest poverty, unemployment, government corruption and autocratic governance of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled the country for 30 yrs. Goverment has blocked twitter and facebook. What else do you know?
Feb 1, 2011 3:48 AM
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I'm worry about all my friends from Egypt. Fi aman Allah!
February 1, 2011
egy government kill about 1000 person so far ( 250 killed , 800 missing) not only fb and twiter but entire internet network , mobile services , phone land line no media or tv reporters allowed to capture any report..and that is very bad news because in general when they block internet , media and phone they intend to kill people in mass number also egy government stop aljazeera and aljazeera Live on nile sat so people stop even know what is going around.. btw it`s not only egypt it`s in entire meddle east and all ME internet lines are under monitoring and we cant use some keywords now adays but egypt have many private Tv station who can broadcast news somehow other m.e countries have no private media no coumminication poeple so governments kill nobody know at all..
February 1, 2011
Ok so all i know is that Egyptians are tired of 30 years of unfair life. So they want to change their president and goverment as well,lately..the ministers have actually changed,only that Hosni Mubarak doesn't want to quit yet,and he's supported by the army of Egypt,that's why he's not afraid of the angry public. To me..i don't see a point of what Hosni Mubarak is doing,he already has tons of cash,and a huge castle,and he has been the Egyptian president for 30 years !
February 3, 2011
I'm Egyptian, I was in vacation in Kuwait and I'm stuck here now and can't get back to Egypt to my family. Mubarak is on top of the country since 1980, 30 years of poverty, unemployment and terror. only few number of businessmen have the whole wealth, people finally upraised and become able to say NO, but unfortunately the dictator Mubarak gave his orders to ministry of interior to use extreme violence against people,, more than 150 killed in one day,, then people finally beat the police and forced them to escape, so his plan B was opening jails and release criminals to let them destroy the country and panic people at homes, to make people ask for police to come back, but people proved that they are able to protect themselves and their possessions, and say no to the return of the police, now people's demands are Mubarak OUT, and Change constitution NOW, people are in streets and NO internet or SMS since a week ago, they will not get back home until Mubarak and his regime is OUT
February 1, 2011
At last, Mubarak announced that he wouldn't run for another term in next elections;yet he ll give out presidency as an orderly transition, he said just a half hour ago, but it's not over i guess , i hope everything will be ok for Egypt soon ..
February 1, 2011
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