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Where does one find the most volcanoes?...
Feb 1, 2011 8:55 AM
Answers · 8
On planet Venus. You will be left speechless and for the phenomena occurring over there; remember to not dress heavily; grab a couple of rocks for your children.
February 1, 2011
indonesia........... you can find a lot of volcanoes here.....krakatau, merapi, bromo, kelud, semeru, etc. and know the situation of those volcanoes are really extrem. but actually in the usual condition. I'm sure everyone will love the scenery
February 1, 2011
in the movies :P
February 1, 2011
Have you heard something about the Pacific Ring of Fire ? Well, here's a link for you to read a little bit: (fascinating !!!! ^^) ps: you can always go to Venus if this is too boring ... =D
February 1, 2011
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