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A question about ordering food in Chinese and about going to university. My first question is about eating out. 我先点, does this mean I will order first before the other people, or is it I will order the drinks etc first ( and then you order more things later after drinks) or could I even translate it as, First I will have ie, First I will have the soup, then the duck, then the cheesecake. My second questions is how can I say ' I really want to study here/there or I really want to study in this university.? Please correct and complete the sentence lol 星期四我要跟我的朋友一起去亚非学院看看, 我好兴奋,I really want to study here/there/at this university. Thank you.
Feb 2, 2011 1:48 AM
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hi,I'm a little comfused about your accurate meaning. Is the first question about word meanings or the backgrand culture? 1. 我先点, the word meaning is" I will order first before the other people,while the context of words meaning is : it deponds on the speaker and the speaker's eating habbits and what kind of restaunt people are in.Some people like order food by several times which including the meaning you mentioned above. 2.I really want to study here/there or I really want to study in this university 我真的想在这里/那里学习;或者,我真的想在这所大学里学习。
February 2, 2011
1. 我先点=让我先点。In general this sentence with a imperative mood. It's "Let me order first." in English, "I will order first" can't express the mood. 2. 我真想在这儿学习(上大学)!Same with English, we lift our intonation on "真想" to stress the mood. "星期四我要跟我的朋友一起去亚非学院看看, 我好兴奋." no problem, this sentence is right.
February 3, 2011
我先点means two things 1 order first 2 the first thing i will order. well, drinks is not that important in china . the sedond question, the more polite way woudl be 我非常希望能在这所学校学习 if , you are talking to the people comes from that school , than it should be 非常希望能在学习。
February 3, 2011
I really want to study here/there/at this university. 我很想在这所大学学习。 我先点 Your first order your food according to the menu.You only order you foods which are you want to eat without regard to others.
February 2, 2011
I don't think we have special order for food, usually according to the menu,fist dishes,vegetables,soup and then rice or cookies. However sometimes I like to order vegetable or soup first because I think they are easy to determine. :D
February 2, 2011
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