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What's tense is it? 'They are waiting for the flight to be announced' I can't translate it clearly, but I just see the sense at all :) This sentence means that they are waiting when the flight will be announced. smth/smb + to be + Ved/V2 Help me, please, what's the name of this tense?
2011年2月2日 12:29
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Они ждут, когда объявят их рейс. "to be announced" - Это Present Infinitive в страдательном залоге. Английское название - Present Infinitive Passive. He was glad to be met at the station. - Он был рад, что его встретили на станции.
they are waiting = present continuous Let me break down this sentence for you They = subject are waiting for = verb the flight to be announced = object Now I think the meaning is obvious, so that doesn't need explaining. Just learn the sentence structure. You can play around with the "object", and insert other words. Some examples: ...the milk to be delivered. ...the TV to be repaired. ...the sun to rise. ...the water to boil. Look at these example and you will see why some infinitives are active and some infinitives are passive.
I believe it's a future passive tense... is/are going to be + past participle: the flight is (going) to be announced. (by someone). :)
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Active tense. They are waiting for her to announce the flight. She (noun) announces (verb) the flight (subject). Passive tense. They are waiting for the flight to be announced by her. The flight (subject) is announced (verb + past participle) by her.
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