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What is the meaning of phrase "Life-time in steel"?
2 lut 2011 15:30
Answers · 5
Using just those exact words, I would assume you meant a person had been employed in the steel industry for most of his or her life. Context would definitely help.
2 lutego 2011
The others are correct,not enough info to understand the true meaning.Could be that a person was working in the steel industry for their entire life or a maybe like the Terminater...made of steel.
3 lutego 2011
It sounds like a guarantee for steel cookware, garden tools etc.
2 lutego 2011
Без контекста трудно дать правильный ответ, а предположения, что имеется в виду не имеют ценности.
2 lutego 2011
When you pull phrases like this out of context, you make it hard for us to explain. I'm guessing this has to do with construction or kitchen pans. If stuff is made of steel it lasts a life-time. The phrase would appear to come from some stainless steel set advertisement. Please provide context next time.
2 lutego 2011
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