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Is the chat moderated at all? I've been spending some time in the chat now. Every time I've been there so far there's been people insulting each other, sexually harassing others, posting pornographic pictures or similar things. These things have often gone on for hours without anything stopping them, so is there any moderation in these chats at all?
2 lut 2011 20:29
Answers · 12
I don't use the chat rooms often and now... I guess I won't be using them soon. And yes... I want to support this feedback but I've never seen anything like that, do I have to send the e-mail too?
3 lutego 2011
More people will need to report them until the Italki Administration will do anything
2 lutego 2011
I'm totally for it. Where to sign?
2 lutego 2011
I agree... at least someone monitor the chat rooms...
4 lutego 2011
I understand totally. The first time I went into a chat room, I said hi, and was attacked for being American. There are alot of losers out there.
3 lutego 2011
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