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Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the only species writing in good Latin; we sadly had to pick our own name; wise name?
Feb 2, 2011 11:26 PM
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Your sentences don't make sense.
February 3, 2011
Ciao Andrew. Are you studying Latin? Another Latin saying states, Homo longus raro sapiens, "A tall man is rarely wise."
February 3, 2011
Why not?
February 3, 2011
Homo sapiens is the only species of the genus Homo that still prevails to this day. What was the reason for the other species of this genus are gone? Perhaps they lacked the "intelligence" or the "ability to know " that gave like turned out the name of " homo sapiens", for the Swedish naturalist Carlos Lineo (1707 - 1778) based on the human condition as a rational animal. Why he chose the Latin and not the Swedish to designate the human species? Maybe he thought as you in the beauty of words in the hope of a better future for the human race, without knowing that the man with his great capacity for destruction will end up with himself.
February 8, 2011
Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the only species writing in good Latin; therefore we were the only one capable of giving a name to our own species (all species names are in Latin). Was the choice a good one ?
February 3, 2011
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