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About "in" and "out" 1. I learned something like "I'm 20 dollars out, and I haven't eaten yet." Suppose you've found 10 dollar on the street and picked it up. Can you say "I'm 10 dollar in"? 2. "I'm 23 pages in" Can I say "I'm 23 pages out"? I have a feeling "I'm 23 pages out" doesn't make sense, does it?
Feb 3, 2011 4:34 AM
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If you were 23 pages into a book, and someone asks how far through, or how far along you are (the progress made) you could reply that you were "23 pages in". I cant think of a use case for 23 pages out ... example. Q. "hows the book ?" A. "I don't really know yet, I'm only 6 pages in [into it]". If you were gambling, we would say, "I'm $40 up", or "I'm $20 down" (with regard to where we started) you would never say "$10 in" .... I cant think of an example for this case. :) You have interesting questions Hailey ...
February 3, 2011
Hey Hailey, No, it doesn't reverse so easily. "I'm 20 dollars out" means "I'm $20 out of pocket." If you say "I'm $20 in", I guess you've joined a game of poker. Even then, I wouldn't use that phrase. If you picked up $10 from the street, then it makes more sense to say, "I'm $10 up" (again, hardly my first choice of comment for that situation). "I'm 23 pages in" means "I'm 23 pages into the book." The opposite to this would be, "I'm 23 pages from the end (of the book)."
February 3, 2011
You can say, "I'm $20 up front" if you found it. You can also say, "That's $20 more than I had before"
February 3, 2011
No. No. No. The last one is right. It doesn't make sense. Interesting thoughts though.
February 3, 2011
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