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is it hard to studying Spain language?? where i must to start...?
Feb 4, 2011 7:19 AM
Answers · 4
you can find , Spanish teachers :- Spanish Courses :- Spanish partners :-
February 5, 2011
To learn spanish for make an easy conversation or for visit Spain (or other countries with our language) it is not difficult. I think that your first words must be substantives to designate things that you use usually. After, it´s very important to learn some verbs. basics. And finally, you can think about some thing and to try looking for the spanish word. Good luck¡
February 5, 2011
start by learning the verbs
February 4, 2011
Salamet apa kabar ? if you know English it will be very easy for you because hundreds of words are similar to both Malay and English pronancation are smilar to Malay and I adivse you to start with audio course becasue writing are easy..
February 4, 2011
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