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我都糊涂了,无法决定我应该学一个汉语与韩语学位,还是应该只学一个汉语学位。你们怎么想? 我都糊涂了,无法决定我应该学一个汉语与韩语学位,还是应该只学一个汉语学位。你们怎么想?我可以学一个双语学位, 主修汉语选修韩语。Sunshine of course its not meant to be condescending, for it is only my opinion and my opinion is not better or worse than anyone else's, its mealy how I feel, and what i have picked up on through my own interactions. I think you take the forget a little too literally, of course no one is going to forget the past, no one should, I only meant that you dont need to be constantly bringing it up and constantly guided by it especially in matters where it really is of no relevance at all.
Feb 4, 2011 8:57 PM
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我可以学一个双语学位, 主修汉语选修韩语。 That would be the obvious choice. I didn't know you could attain a degree with units in Chinese alone. There aren't enough units! So you must do other elective units anyway. The standard practice is to do a double major degree.
February 5, 2011
February 5, 2011
嘿~ 不管选择什么语言学习,只要是你自己内心真正想要的就是最好的,相信自己. P.S. ....学中文的话我们当然挺你。。。。。。。
February 5, 2011
If you put your question in Korean and by chance you get enough Korean answerers you'll get completely different replies.
February 5, 2011
Really Beth? Your comment seems little condescending? Especially the " You all seem to always be arguing about something." sentence. You think countries should "forget" events that have occurred and move on like nothing happened? So China should forget the Opium Wars, countries in Africa should forget how other countries unfairly used them for their resources, or African Americans should forget that slavery happened in the U.S.? If one forgets one's history, what's to prevent others from doing the same thing to that said group again? I think the world can become a better place through making new relationships and friendships with people of different cultures and races but at the same time, still being aware of one's history. In my opinion, that's the beautiful challenge and how one makes peace. In any case, good luck on choosing a language. I fancy the sound of Korean myself and find their folk stories very interesting. ^_^
February 5, 2011
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