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Crystal 크리스탈
how do i say "i like" in Korean..Ex: I like Korean music? and how I conjugate the verb To Be??
Feb 5, 2011 2:17 AM
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"I like" in Korean isn't expressed the same way as it is in Latin based languages. Instead of saying "I like" as such, you say something is good. For example, to say "I like Korean Music." you would say "Korean music is good" which would be: 한국 음악을 좋아 해요. Just think like something is good only if you like it. I'll either take the "To be" in another post, or let someone else take it :).
February 6, 2011
i also learn korean and try to translate if im right. 저는 한국노래를 첳아합니다.or 나는 한국노래를 처와해
February 5, 2011
Let me try "to be." There are 2 words in Korean that translate as "to be." However; don't confuse them with "Estar" and "Ser." they have different meanings. 이다 is the infinitive version of the word that indicates a state of being. 있다 is the infinitive version of the word that indicates existence, or existence in a place. To say "I am a Korean man," I would say "나는 한국 사람 입니다." (입니다 is the formal, present tense version of 이다. To say "I am home," you would say "나는 집에 있읍니다." (있읍니다 being formal present tense of 있다). Are you familiar with formal, polite, and informal verb endings in Korean? If not, then these are a good place to start on conjugation.
February 5, 2011
"i like" in Korean = 나 같은 na gat-eun
February 5, 2011
Crystal 크리스탈
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