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Could I get some examples of the usages YANG in bahasa indonesia? I am still confused to use "YANG", please give me more examples of it. Here is what I found out until now. It is used for... 1) emphasis like "harga yang tinggi(= a high price)" (It needs more examples ^__^) 2) relatives like who, which, "Ini bukan apa yang saya tempah(=that's not what I ordered)" (please give me more examples ^__^) 3) the superlative like "yang baik sekali(=best)","yang besar sekali(the biggest)" 4) the ordinal numbers like "yang pertama(=the first)","yang kedua(=the second)", etc.. 5) pointing out a specific thing like "yang itu", "yang mana","yang ini". Is there another case of it? If so, please give me some examples. Thanks in advance.
Feb 5, 2011 12:18 PM
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as a native Indonesian, maybe I can help you, the usages of YANG, it depend on what do you want to say to someone. some examples that you already found are correct. examples: *emphasis like "harga yang tinggi(= a high price)" (It needs more examples) more examples: Wanita yang cantik=a beautiful woman. it shows that the woman is beautiful. YANG is connecting the word WANITA=subject and CANTIK=adjective. S+YANG+adjectives Anak yang pintar= a smart kid Kaos yang besar= a big T-shirt Koneksi internet yang lambat= a slow internet connection # YANG in english can mean which, that. examples: Wanita cantik YANG berdiri di sana adalah istri saya. A beautiful woman THAT/ standing over there is my wife. wanita cantik YANG berdiri di sana = Subject Surat yang kamu tulis padaku sangat menyiksa hatiku. A letter that you wrote to me is really hurt my heart. surat yang kamu tulis padaku= subject YANG is showing that the word has speciality. Wanita YANG CANTIK--> showing the woman is beautiful than the others. wanita cantik YANG berdiri di sana-->pointing to the beautiful woman who standing over there. *relatives like who, which, "Ini bukan apa yang saya tempah(=that's not what I ordered)" (please give me more examples ^__^) Ini bukan apa yang saya tempah(=that's not what I ordered Ini bukan apa yang saya pesan. PESAN=TEMPAH. TEMPAH is for formal situation but in Indonesia, we usually use PESAN to order something than TEMPAH. Sometimes people in Indonesia didn't know what is TEMPAH, so it's better to use PESAN. other examples: Apa YANG kamu maksud? = What do you mean? It need long explanation about YANG. I just can explain like this, I hope my explanation will help you :) If you need further information, I will help you.
February 5, 2011
YANG is the clue word. ex: kamu yang disana (u are there). siapa yang sedang menangis itu?(who is crying). Hope this can help u ㅎㅎ
February 6, 2011
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April 11, 2013
a simple answer is Yang usually used for explain about something or to appoint something (subject, object, etc) for some examples : Dia yang ada di sana --> explain about someone who is in specific place Dia yang sedang makan -> explain about someone who is doing something Kamera yang berwarna hitam -> explain about color of the camera
February 16, 2012
get the yang up
February 5, 2011
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