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What do you think makes the difference between the poor and the rich?
Feb 6, 2011 12:14 AM
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Rich and poor are differentiated totally on the basis of the wealth they possess!
February 6, 2011
It depends where you live, how rich your parents are, your level of education and what sort of ambitions you have. There are many rich people in the world today who started off by being poor. My parents were refugees who came to Australia after World War 2 with just one suitcase each. They did not speak English and had menial jobs. We were very poor but my parents encouraged my brothers and me to study hard and have careers.
February 6, 2011
Starting point. Initial conditions. Indoneysian girls, started working in a factory to have food or girl from Laos, forced to become pristitution in 12 years old will never be rich and their possible talents has no meaning, they'll nevet get a chance to use their talents. Will never study in university, never find good job or will get a chance to start own business. They have chance, but probability of success is close to 0% Son of millionaire have minimal chance to fall into povetry. He can spit to studing, use drugs, burn his life, nothing will change. Parents will provide him to study in prestige university, will send him to clinics for junkies. They will have support him with money even if he'll do nothing and then he''ll get his legacy and possibility to live as rentier, using income of investments of money from his parents. He shouldn't know finances. Fin. consultants works for this kind of people.
February 6, 2011
for me the difference btw them is the piety ,the knowledge and the good deeds;the rich is the one who knew the truth of his existing,and purified hid heart from vices.
February 10, 2011
Knowledge is a part of the fators ,i think. I do not deny it is of course very important , But , there are so many bachelors , doctors or well-learned and profound people in the world ,why are there only 2% of the world people become rich ? In my eyes, it s their thoughts or insight makes the difference . Yes , that s ture ,there are so many knowlegable people in the world , but not all of them can transform what they have learned into skills or practice. In a word , i think thought and action make the differentiate them. I once read a book called How Come That Idiot's Rich and I 'm Not impressed me a lot.
February 6, 2011
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