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Muslim Alhamdulillah
How to find friends who can live with me on long-term basis on this website? I want to find friends who can remain in contact with me for years till the time I die. That's why I don't believe in short-term momentary friends. If anyone can help please let me know.
6 lut 2011 02:16
Answers · 8
Hi, here are the Italki English/Urdu speakers. Email them and invite them to be your friends. However, no one can guarantee a lifetime of friendship unless you have a wife/husband.
6 lutego 2011
Everybody knows it is hard to find a lifelong friend , let alone soul mate ,he he. But , in my opinion, life is like a mirror if you smile at it , it also smile back at you. You should show them your sincerity and how good you are . Everything is mutual, sooner or later you will see the return. Good luck , friend.
6 lutego 2011
make friends by our inner heart.....
6 lutego 2011
i think it is impossible !!!
9 lutego 2011
Keep yourself active, don't make yourself the joke you just told.
6 lutego 2011
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