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if i want to describe a man 's voice is beautiful ,which word is suitable?and describe a song?
6. Feb 2011 15:12
Answers · 5
i have a sweet, amazing, powerful voice. thanks! :P
6. Februar 2011
A man's voice cannot be sweet and beautiful. It's used for female. He has a powerful voice. His voice is warm and comforting.
8. Februar 2011
You would not describe a man's voice as sweet, as this is used for female singers. You can say: “ He has an absolutely amazing voice” “ He has a rich, awesome or powerful voice " A song can be described as: a ballad, folk song, romantic, charming, exciting, calm, powerful, pumped, rocking, quiet, loud, etc.
6. Februar 2011
you can say you have a sweet voice. you sing beautifully. you sing in a beautiful way nice song sometimes i say a beautiful/ wonderful song
6. Februar 2011
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