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Forrest Gump~
what's"give me some stuff"means ?please show me some examples that can tell how to use it !thanks
Feb 7, 2011 9:07 AM
Answers · 12
give me some stuff and i'll answer your question :P
February 7, 2011
The word "stuff" can denote anything: material, an object either in singular or in plural. What's all that sticky stuff on the carpet? Could you move all that stuff off the table? I don't know how you can eat that stuff!
February 7, 2011
hey .Sergey .don't get me wrong ..i mean thanks anyway ..people here just want to discuss and learn .u're ok .actually i got ur help already
February 8, 2011
Did you mean hows to say it in French?
February 7, 2011
eliot, this guy looks more like a hoodlum than a teacher. he belongs in jail lol
February 7, 2011
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