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JooSung Park
Any ideas for things you can do in 20-30 minutes? I got a sand watch which runs for 30minutes so I want some ideas for things I can do within 20-30 minutes. So that I can spend my spare time more wisely and usefully. But this is not asking for what you're good at or competitive, So no answers like "I can drink 5 beers in 20 minutes." I'll wait for some good ideas thanks :)
2011年2月7日 10:03
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Find the lyrics of an English song that you like (over the Internet), and give it a glimpse for words that you don't know; 20 minutes will be sufficient to look those terms (at least some) into the dictionary, and add them to your file related to new English words that you are no doubt preparing.
1. Clean something (you'll be surprised at how quickly time passes when you clean) 2. Exercise (doesn't have to be aerobic / small weights - or stretching) 3. Count your blessings (for 20 minutes think of everything that you are grateful for) 4. Do something nice for someone else. (for anyone - do anything) 5. Get outside. A short walk - clears the mind. 6. Go somewhere online you NEVER go - just for a change of pace. Use a strange search word. 7. Do one thing you've been putting off (procrastinating about) forever. 8. Daydream. (not nap) Real daydreaming. Use your imagination. Your imagination needs to be exercised just like your body. This makes you a better problem solver. 9. Job search (if you need a job) - includes resume/websurfing and writing contact letters. 10. Contact someone you miss or haven't seen for a while. 11. Study (self-test). In 30 minutes write down every Englsih word you can. 1 point for every one you write. 2 points for everyone you spelled right. Beat your last score. 12. Thank someone. << This is probably the kindest and most overlooked thing anyone can do.
Stretching or exercising, maybe? :) Whatever it is make it something you have fun doing.
I suggest doing this 20-30minutes' exercise each day is perfect to energize yourself. It's a good method to have relaxation and keep anxiety far away from you.
It's good to use it when you do gym, I think that 20-30 minutes a day are enough as you to feel in shape.
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