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what is the difference with 朋友和好友 what is the difference with 朋友和好友
Feb 7, 2011 12:45 PM
Answers · 17
朋友-很多 many people 好友-只有几个 only a few
February 7, 2011
ah,let me answer this question,this is easy for me! the 朋友(pengyou)means -->friend,while 好友(haoyou)means-->good friend.hehe.
February 7, 2011
From the word itself, it seem that好友 is closer than 朋友 in my opinion, people don't often refer to friend as好友 when introducing their friends, they say things like:he/she is my 朋友 or some times 好朋友 instead of 好友. The word 好友itself sounds a little bit cold and aloof because it's more commonly used in the internet word. For example: in xxx social networking site, xxx add you as 好友。The term 好朋友 is somewhat childish because we don't often see see adult referring other as their 好朋友。挚友is a more mature term for very good friend that you know for a long time, it is used in written form instead of in daily conversation. But being called 挚友gives people a harm-warming feeling. (I don't feel the warmth if someone call me 好友 in daily conversation, it's a bit weird to talk like that,好朋友 sounds way better/normal) Normally, what people would do is to to add adjectives before 朋友 。such as 我高中的朋友(my high school friend), 很要好的朋友(very close friend colloquial),很亲密的朋友(very close friend less colloquial)
March 8, 2014
"好友"means they are very good friends ,they can be peels or others, "朋友"means they are friends,but they may be so closed as "好友"。it"s easy to make friends with people,but it"s hard to find a friend who can always be with you, supporting you like your families(that is "好友").that"s all
May 22, 2013
朋友 arkadaş, 好友 yakın arkadaş
April 29, 2013
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