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help me please.. to correct some sentences.. thanks! 1. the man is working hard to dig a hole 2. the children is playing with their toys happily 3. we always comes to our school on time in the morning 4. Lora usually get many presents in her birthday 5. no one know how to solve our problems
Feb 7, 2011 2:27 PM
Answers · 2
2.the childrens are playing with their toys happily. 3. we always come to school ... ( Just fit the "s" by he, she, it ) her birthday 5 no one knows how to solve...
February 7, 2011
1. Correct. 2. The children are playing happily with their toys. 3. We always go to school on time in the mornings. 4. Lora usually gets alot of presents on her birthday. 5. No one knows how to solve our problems.
February 7, 2011
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