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What is your attitude to paper letters? Nowdays a lot of people use for communicate to each other mail, QQ, ICQ, MSN etc. And paper letters are in the past. But, for example, me - I like paper letters very much! What about you?
7 de feb de 2011 19:54
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I think that people should more write paper letters. Like you said, now people use to communications mostly a internet, and paper letters are less popular. I think that the paper letters are more personal and more atractive than e-mails
10 de Febrero de 2011
hi nati long time no chat .me too ,but i seldom use paper letters .i often use qq,msn for communicating to others .
14 de Febrero de 2011
Ditto what Alexandre said. I feel the same way about handwritten letters. =D
8 de Febrero de 2011
i like paper letters.those are attractive.
8 de Febrero de 2011
I prefer paper letters too . and I completely agree with what Ʌlexandre wrote .
8 de Febrero de 2011
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