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What does Chandler mean: "No, he visited a town a little south of throw up." Friends s7 e4
8. Feb 2011 08:00
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"No, he visited a town a little south of throw up." What Chandler means is that Ross had an "accident" and "pooped" on himself. "Pooped" means that he had a bowel movement...while he was on the roller coaster! And because I have too much time on my hands, here's an excerpt from that episode: Chandler: Okay! So, Ross and I are going to Disneyland and we stop at this restaurant for tacos. And when I say restaurant, I mean a guy, a hibachi, and the trunk of his car. So Ross has about 10 tacos. And anyway, we're on Space Mountain and Ross starts to feel a little... iffy. Monica: Oh, my God. He threw up? Chandler: No, he visited a little town south of throw-up. Monica: (Laughing) No! Chandler: Yeah some of the employees decided to rename the park: "The Crappiest Place on Earth."
8. Februar 2011
south = a bit more extreme He didn't just throw up, he threw up all over the place. He heaved.
8. Februar 2011 1:00 - 1:10 Anyway, did Ross poop or was he vomit?
8. Februar 2011
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