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ruben segura rubio
Are there expression freedoms in your life? I think about this and find that there are not expression fredoms in my life why always there are reprisails of others.
2011년 2월 8일 오후 3:59
Answers · 5
If you add some punctuation to your words they might make sense. Right now I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
2011년 2월 8일
Enjoy the life that we have at the moment, that is freedom of expression from my thinking.
2011년 4월 21일
I think about this and find that there is not freedom of expression in my life. Why is there always reprisal from others? This is probably what you want to say. English can be dificult because of the need for exact order of word placement. Yeah, I'd say that in general there is freedom of expression in the U.S., but the limits are with how your freedom interferes with anothers or (more to your point) the self-inflicted limits one creates to get along with others while still holding on to your beliefs even when they are not popular.
2011년 2월 15일
Hi do you mean, do you have freedom of expression in your life? Australia is a democracy so I have to say yes, I have freedom to say whatever I want. However it is against the law to slander and libel people.
2011년 2월 9일
))) Wow... it's really difficult to understand what you want to hear, but more difficult is to answer for your question, if i understand it right.
2011년 2월 8일
ruben segura rubio
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