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Immediate help with French needed Hello! I am studying French in high school but unfortunately I had to stop my course lessons so I can now say that I am not able to write in French (well, not more than two basic sentences.) I need to write text about the geographic characteristics of my country, Macedonia. Honestly, I have no idea how to do it and copying from wikipedia is not an option. If there's anyone who can help me I'll be very grateful!
Feb 8, 2011 7:19 PM
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Write something in English and I'll translate in French (if it's not too long, I haven't much time right now) ;)
February 8, 2011
Here's the translation. Les pays voisins de la Macédoine sont la Serbie (nord), le Kosovo (nord-ouest), la Bulgarie (est), l'Albanie (ouest) et la Grèce (sud). La Macédoine compte plus de cinquante lacs et de nombreuses montagnes. L'arbre caractéristique de la Macédoine est le Pin Macédonien, espèce endémique. Les trois célèbres lacs de la Macédoine sont le lac d'Orhid, le lac Prespa et le lac Dojran. Il y a une vallée centrale façonnée par la rivière Vardar qui est la rivière la plus large de Macédoine. Le climat Macédonien varie entre un climat méditerranéen et un climat continental. Your sentences are quite simple, and I could have made them sound nicer, but I just left if like that since I guess your teachers would think it weird if the text was 'too good' ? I mean, if you don't know a lot of French, and you hand over a work with (more) complicated sentences, they would expect you to be quite good in class, right ? Tell me if I'm wrong, and I will write it again ;)
February 8, 2011
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