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prevent us (from?) trying 'This fact should not prevent us from trying to devise a mechanism...' Could you tell me, please, will it be correct to say this phrase without the preposition 'from' ('This fact should not prevent us trying...')?
Feb 8, 2011 7:51 PM
Answers · 9
The way it is written is correct. "This fact should not prevent us from trying to devise a mechanism"...
February 8, 2011
You are correct Irina
February 9, 2011
it's fine
February 8, 2011
The Longman entry for prevent shows "from" in parentheses, which I understand to mean optional. I'd say yes, it's correct without "from", but with "from" is the most natural / common sounding to my ears. If I leave out "from," I would use the possessive "our": ...."shouldn't prevent our trying to devise...." A similar example: "...and prevent our having to rely so much on foreign borrowing," (CNN 1990) "A shred of regulative use suffices to prevent our completing the transition" (CONSTITUTIVE RULE SYSTEMS AND CULTURAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2001)
February 8, 2011
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