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In a few days, USA celebrates Valentine's Day, a day for lovers. What other countries celebrate this type of d ... this type of day. <-- must have got cut off.
2011년 2월 8일 오후 8:23
Answers · 4
St.Valentine's day is originally a christian holyday so I guess it is celebrated in many places around world. In Sweden, we celebrate it under the name "Alla hjärtans dag" - "All hearts' day". In France, where I live at the moment, "Saint Valentin" is celebrated too. Any plans for the day? ;)
2011년 2월 8일
Where do you think Valentine's Day originated? The USA?
2011년 2월 8일
In Colombia, our celebration will be on september: "Día del Amor y la Amistad", but anyway, a happy celebration of "Valentine's Day" for everyone on ITALKI.
2011년 2월 15일
Australians are also big on celebrating Valentine's Day, it's a big business day for all retailers, restaurants, florists etc.
2011년 2월 8일
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