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hello everyone there!! .. ok someone can help to translate into english this one? a mar adentro me fui, cuanto más me pierdo ahí mas me encuentro, y a la deriva sentir que sin sentido el camino es mas cierto, ... navego errado talvez,..(...who knows...), suaves arenas de inciertos desiertos.. me sorprendió que no me pude sorprender...
9 de feb de 2011 1:19
Answers · 6
To the sea I went away, the more I get lost there, the more I am adrift. To feel that meaningless way, is the more true... I sail, missed Talvez, soft sand of uncertain deserts .. I was surprised that I could not be more surprised...
9 de Febrero de 2011
I went to sea, the more i have lost, but i found myself, no direction of the more certain that... who know, perhaps. (.... for...) mistakes and not determine the desert. i'm really amazed. i'm not surprised i ' m not sure . i hope it can help you^_^
9 de Febrero de 2011
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