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What are the differences between "not..any longer" and "not...any more" This problem has troubled me for a long time.
Feb 9, 2011 1:27 AM
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hi Crystal, I think when you say "any more", it has something to do with 'quantity' or perhaps, a 'I donstate of 'presence' as opposed to "any longer" which merely describe 'duration' or 'time'. 'I don't have money any more.' (it implies that you have lots of money before but it's gone now.) 'I don't live there any longer.' (it means that you had been living in that place for quite some time.) these two however can sometimes be interchangeable, like in the case of the 2nd sentence "I don't live there any more." you just have to research for these two phrases where and when to use them correctly and be familiarized of it: for instance: "you don't love me any more." "you don'tlove me any longer" although the above sentences are both valid, the first one would seem natural and very common to hear. :)
February 9, 2011
The same. They say "no longer" more often, hope the problem now no longer troubles you.
February 9, 2011
"I don't talk with her any more than I used to." = I have not increased the frequency of talks I have with her on a regular basis. "I don't talk with her anymore." = I have stopped talking to her entirely, or I no longer talk with her. The two are spoken in a very similar way. I think that's why many non native speakers make the mistake of substituting one for the other when writing.
February 9, 2011
Nice answer Romulus, let me add a few examples: I don't need a ride any longer. (I was asking around earlier.) I can't eat any more. (I'm stuffed!) You don't need to show up for work any more. (You're fired!) She doesn't live here any more. You don't need to hang around here any longer, the train has already left without you!
February 9, 2011
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