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谁帮我翻译一下这短话? “尊师爱生”即学生既要尊重教师,教师更要爱护学生。教师要收到好的课堂管理效果,首先要和学生建立良好的师生关系。教师应先明确自己的责任和角色,先将自己和学生放在同一个高度,给学生以应有的尊重,尊重学生的思想、行为、尊严,不要把自身看得过于高大,以势压人。学生的思想单纯而丰富,如果教师以博爱之心对待每一个学生,以平等的身份和学生交流,把学生当成朋友,把每一份知识的传授都当作对他们心灵的渗透,学生就会被教师的诚挚所感动。当学生为教师感染时,学生自然会从内心深处对教师产生一种敬爱心理,教师在教学中就会运用自如,挥洒酣畅。受感动的学生能积极的和教师配合,既使对所学科目不是很感兴趣,也会自觉地约束自己,不影响课堂的整体纪律。因此,为了赢得学生的拥护和爱戴,教师首先要付出真诚,但真诚必须发自内心,只有真诚能使自己感动,才会感动学生,从而和学生建立真挚的师生关系。
Feb 9, 2011 4:36 AM
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my english is not that good i'll try to tell u the main meaning of this paragraph. 尊师爱生”即学生既要尊重教师,教师更要爱护学生。教师要收到好的课堂管理效果,首先要和学生建立良好的师生关系。教师应先明确自己的责任和角色,先将自己和学生放在同一个高度,给学生以应有的尊重,尊重学生的思想、行为、尊严,不要把自身看得过于高大,以势压人。 "Respect our teachers love our students," means that not only students should respect the teachers,but also teachers have to care for their students. Teachers will manage their classes well only if they can establish a good relationship with their students.Teachers should firstly be clearly aware of their responsibilities and roles,make no differences between themselves and the students.with due respect to the students, respect for the students' thinking, behavior, dignity, and not to appear to be superior to the students . 学生的思想单纯而丰富,如果教师以博爱之心对待每一个学生,以平等的身份和学生交流,把学生当成朋友,把每一份知识的传授都当作对他们心灵的渗透,学生就会被教师的诚挚所感动。students'ideas are simple but thoughtful, if teachers treat each student with a heart of love, equally communicate with them, theat them as a friend, to impart knowledge as if they penetrate the soul, then the students will be sincerely touched by the teachers. 当学生为教师感染时,学生自然会从内心深处对教师产生一种心理,教师在教学中就会运用自如,挥洒酣畅。受感动的学生能积极的和教师配合,既使对所学科目不是很感兴趣,也会自觉地约束自己,不影响课堂的整体纪律。 the students will natually be full of respect and love to the teachers when they'r touched by the teacher. thus,the teachers will have everthing going their a result,the touched students will actively coordinate with the teachers even if they may not that interested in the subject. they will consciously control themselves not to disdurb the class. 因此,为了赢得学生的拥护和爱戴,教师首先要付出真诚,但真s诚必须发自内心,只有真诚能使自己感动,才会感动学生,从而和学生建立真挚的师生关系。 Therefore, in order to win the support and love of students, teachers should firstly pay in good faith which must come from the bottom of heart, only in good faith to make students moved so as to establish cordial relations with them.
February 9, 2011
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