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I have an awful charaсter. Is there anybody else with the same problem? ))) If I get something, that I wanted to get, it becames unimportant for me. I have a good life, but I want the best! ))
Feb 9, 2011 7:26 AM
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Having the best thing in life is not the material things,like what you said if you get something that you wanted it become unimportant things,sometimes we are been trick by our eyes without thinking to much the only things that we need to do is to have that but in the end if we think deeper what we have is useless,the best thing in our life is just around us sometimes it cannot be seen or touch. cowboy...
February 9, 2011
What's your point ?
February 9, 2011
What is "the best"? What advertisers and marketers tell you is "the best"? I have a watch I bought for $60, and I guarantee you that it is now showing me the exact same time as the Rolex in the shop window downtown! Don't look for self-esteem through objects, they cannot and will not ever make you truly happy.
February 9, 2011
I'm sorry to say that I believe millions of human beings have an awful charaсter or temper; I my opinion they form four groups based on upon the following categorizing properties: -- their attitude mostly makes themselves suffering or makes people around them suffering -- they want or don't want to change (I mean improve, not worsen!) In which of the four groups do you recognize yourself ? Or better, how would a family member or close person recognize yourself ? You may answer within yourself, but must answer sincerely.
February 9, 2011
well , you want to have the best , and that is not a crime!!!! as you said , as long you know the value of what Allah gave you , you won't feel that you badly need something , people who are not satisfied with what they have , will be always in poverty "not just material one", even if they have everything. but being satisfied doesn't mean necessary that you shouldn't look for a better thing , it depends on the cost you may have good friends , but you want to have more friends , not a big deal!!! i think looking for better may have problems for "material" things only, as it may have an unnecessary cost . i have a samsung mobile but i want an iphone , but the cost is too large for "just wanting it". but for "non-material " things there is no cost , i have a headache , and i am satisfied it is just headache not cancer , in the same time i want it to be cured , that is not a greedy thing. all of us want to have the best and be the best , that is a normal thing , that how we become better and improve ourselves , it is only a problem for material things.
February 10, 2011
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