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portuguese i am studying portuguese now./Q1:can anybody explain the letter "kwy" to me??it seems they are a little different from others,but i cant realize them exactly.Q2:is the pronunciation of the letter "e" different in Brazil and Portugal??? thanks for helping.:D
Feb 9, 2011 9:40 AM
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The letters "K", "w" and "y" come from another alphabet and for many years, they were part of the Brazilian alphabet to be used mainly in names. In 1983, they were abolished from the alphabet, now returning in 2009 and from 2012 on, they will figure in the Brazilian alphabet normally. Their pronunciation are the same as the letters "q", "v" and "i" respectively. The pronunciation of the letter "e" differs a little in Brazil and Portugal, but completely understandable by native speakers of both countries.
February 9, 2011
K (Cá for Brazil and/or Capa for the others) Y( ípsilon for Brasil and/or "i grego" for the others) (W dáblio for Brasil and/or "duplo V" for the others. Those 3 letters had been removed from the original latin alphabet, used by Portuguese language, but they are now officially back. For portuguese words W works as V, Y as I and K as C (C/CA/CO/CU only) and Q. These latters are also used for native-american words, such as Kaingang and its derivations, including verbs etc. W also works as U for words based on English. They can often be used to express phonetics sounds /K/ as in CAsa /W/ as in faloU.. etc. There is not relevant difference between the pronunciation of E between Brasil and Portugal, though Portugal has more vowels sounds than Brasil, for instance, "aCção" the C was used to alert that the A has to be pronounced in a different way, which is the Brazilian standard way.. that is one of the reasons why in Brasil you no longer spell "aCção" but "ação". ..Even not being official accepted, you are going to find many words spelled with K in place of C or Q and W working as U. It is not accepted (correct), but is understandable and quite common over the internet.
February 10, 2011
1 - "k", "w" and "y" do not exist in words of Portuguese, just in foreign words. 2 - Visit:
February 9, 2011
Hi! The words K, W, Y? Recently there was a reform of the Portuguese back where to use these lyrics approach, however do not worry, they are used mostly in foreign names are pronounced the K = C, U or W = VY = I. As the "E"of Brazil and Portugal guess there is a difference, but I advise you learn Portuguese in Brazil, but the two are very alike!
February 10, 2011
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