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could u translate this paragraph written in arabic lang to english? امحض أخاك النصيحة و تجرع الغيظ فاني لم ار جرعة احلى منها عاقبة و ﻻ الذ مغبة .ولن لمن غالظك فانه يوشك ان يلين لك ، و إن اردت قطيعة أخيك فاستبق له من نفسك بقية ترجع اليها أن بدا له ذلك يوما ما، و من ظنّ بك خيرا فصّدق ظنه،و ﻻ ترغبنّ فيمن زهد عنك ،و ﻻ يكوننّ أخوك على مقاطعتك اقوى منك على صلته.تكوننّ على الإساءة اقوى منك على الإحسان
Feb 9, 2011 12:46 PM
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give your brother a faithful advice , and swallow anger , as i haven't seen a dosage with such sweet consequences and tasty results. and be soft to the one who offends you , as he is about to be soft to you. and if you want to cut the relation with your brother , then keep a part of yourself for him to get back to it , if someday he wanted to do so. if someone supposed you are good , then enhance his supposition. and don't desire someone who didn't desire you. and don't make your brother insistence on cutting the relation more that yours to keep it. don't make your insistence on offense more than yours on charity. --------------------------------------------- sorry if the translation is bad , i hope that will help.
February 10, 2011
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