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I want to know how to say I love youあいしてる? あいしてる, あなたが好きです…私はあなたが好きです…私はとてもあなたが好きです ? what's that...
Feb 9, 2011 3:54 PM
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告白用: あなたのことが好きです 或者單純對著對方說好きです也可以... 愛してる... 一般人似乎不輕易說出口呢 直譯當然就是這樣囉。 但外國人用I love you來告白, 很少說I like you (通常這樣講不限定戀愛) 而日本人一般用好き或大好き就夠了
February 9, 2011
As you noted in the subject line, for "I love you," 愛してる would be the most correct. "愛する" means 'to love' and ’-ている' is actually the present progressive verb form, so it's like saying "(I am) loving (you)" but that's the common way to say it. ''好き" means "like" but can be a softer or less heavy way of saying "love". Note that the thing you like is the subject and not the object of '好き" so "I like X" is "Xが好き" and not "Xを好き." "とても" just means "a lot" or "very much." You could also say "大好き" (だいすき).
February 9, 2011
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