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How to start reading and writing(and including on hand) in Arabic script ? For example: سلام, صباح الخير, أهلا صديقي, أراك في مابعد Some of this i remember what it means, but I still can't understand how to read the phrases or sentences :-(
2011年2月9日 20:42
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first practice your ears to listen Arabic words and phrases , it will be easy then to memorize them read a lot and try to write the sentences that you liked then used them in your daily speech ( common phrases )
I advise you to start using some audio courses then start to watch Cartoons because most of it are in Standard Arabic...but better way is to visit Arabic country and you can speak Arabic within a few months
hi - it means hi good morning - welcome my friend, see you later :)
you should learn how to read and write the alphabet. try this: remember that each letter written in three ways according to its position. ex: تـ <<in the beginning of the word. ــتـ <<in the middle. ت or ـت << at the end. I hope that helps.
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