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who can tell me what is the love indeed? thank you for everyone's answer!! I'm still thinking this question.Actually,I have fallen in love with someone ,but we broke up two years .However,I feel I still love him ,but he told me his love has gone at the time we broke up.It occured to me, last few days,that my primary school classmate he has loved me for 6 years and he will continue his love.At the same time a boy he told me he falls in love at the first time with me .So I lost myself ,I don't konw why someone's love is for good while others is for a moment.Can you tell me ?
Feb 10, 2011 2:19 PM
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Love is something people look for but never find, because it is all around them. They spend their lives creating love-substitutes, in which they always end up disappointed. Some people learn, some don't.
February 10, 2011
No one knows who will love you "forever" or who will run away from you. The only thing you can control is whether you choose to love the other person. In my relationships, I always try to be the more loving one. Many women break up with me for whatever reason, but in my own mind, if I continue to love them, I did the right thing. Hope this helps.
February 12, 2011
(what is love: no article for vast and abstract subjects) Human language don't have words that describe feelings unless to somebody that already has that feeling's experience; those words will describe something that you already know, so they will just be a reminder, or a finger pointing to something in your soul. My answer is therefore: either you could tell yourself, or nobody could. If you are asking about what happens in the brain when 'poisoned' with love, words are enough for this simple job; it is a long story involving several hormones, neurotransmitters and (obviously) the sensory system; a lot of progress has been done recently in that; I will start with Wikipedia or a good scientific library.
February 10, 2011
Hi Echo, love makes your heart beat faster when you think about the person you are in love with. You plan your wedding day in your mind, how many children you will have and where you will live.
February 11, 2011
Love is a willing committment. A mother changes her baby's diaper, not because it makes her feel good, but because she has committed herself to her baby. Parents work and pay bills for children not because they feel like getting up early every morning, but rather because they have committed themselves to their children. Children hurt their parents feelings, yet the parents continue to look out for thier best interest. They don't do that because they feel like it - they are deeply hurt at the time. They do it because they have committed themselves to their kids. Two people form a team, look out for each other, provide for each other, defend each other, and build a life together. Along the way, I can guarantee there are days when each doesn't feel like continuing. There are days when each is bored, stressed, sad, and sometimes even lonely. They continue doing what they do because they have committed to each other. In that committment, there are the rewarding moments that make it all worth while in the big scheme. People make the mistake of thinking love is something that makes them feel good, or something for them. They look for someone to make them feel good instead of looking for someone to love. They want someone to love them, but are not willing to make the committment themselves. (how's that? :) ).
February 10, 2011
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