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como se dice "i miss you" en espanol
Feb 11, 2011 3:11 AM
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Te extraño !
February 11, 2011
The right way to write and say "I miss you" in Spanish is "Te echo de menos". It isn't "Te hecho de menos" because "hecho" is the verb "hacer" which means "do" or "make".(Te echo de menos -the verb "echar"-). We use "echar" to say I miss you = Te ECHO de menos.
February 13, 2011
I miss you. Te extraño. I miss you so much. Te extraño tanto. It's a Spanish mistake to write te 'echo' de menos. The right way to write and say is te 'hecho' de menos.
February 11, 2011
= Me haces falta, te añoro, te extraño
February 11, 2011
I miss you = Te echo de menos
February 11, 2011
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