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Names of countries "If the score remains the same, it will be the first time Germany has lost to France since 1998." I didn't know why it should be ".....Germany has lost..." rather than ".....Germany have lost...", and I'm told I could say "have lost" as well....Wow! Confusing... Do you treat each name of countries as singular or plural both? Which one is dominant? I also hear they say something like "her ground" to mean "Egypt's ground" in documentaries. Is every name of countries feminine?
Feb 11, 2011 4:55 AM
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You should always use the singular, even if the country name is plural in form. There are quite a few of these: The Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and, of course, the United States of America, as well as some others. Even so, they take a singular verb: The Netherlands is a small country in Europe. Traditionally in English, countries, ships, even ships named after men such as USS Barry, and oceans have been referred to using the feminine pronouns. The origins of this practice are not certain, and it is currently in decline (though still more common for ships, particularly in nautical usage, than for countries). In modern English, calling objects "she" is an optional figure of speech, and is advised against by most journalistic style guides.That said, Australian men refer to their car as "she".
February 11, 2011
usually, but german's also called their land the "fatherland"
February 11, 2011
An ESL teacher if you can believe, thanks
February 12, 2011
Never heard of "country name + plural" if you refer to the country, who told you that? But rather you could say "Chinese are/Koreans are", that means the people.
February 11, 2011
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