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"Listen to you!" and "Listen to yourself!" They're the same? and When do you say it?
Feb 11, 2011 9:39 AM
Answers · 4
Not the same. Here's how I use them. "Listen to you!" > "Oh, listen to you! You're acting so smart / tough! (But you aren't smart / tough.)" To me, it's kind of a sarcastic expression. You can use it with other adjectives, "smart" and "tough" just came to my mind first. "Listen to yourself!" > "Listen to yourself! Do you understand what you're saying?" Usually means I don't agree with what someone is saying, or I think what they are saying just doesn't make sense.
February 11, 2011
No, it' not the same. First sentence you use when you are angry for someone like: "Listen to you! You never will talk to me like that. You understand!?" Second senntence you use when someone talking some stupid things: "What are you talking? Listen to yourself! That not have a sense!"
February 11, 2011
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