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You are devoured by women means that…? be devoured by smth means to be filled with a strong feeling that seems to control you and if to be devoured by smb??? like «So by the time you're an eligible man in your feel like you're being devoured by women.» You are devoured by women means that…? And here comes the question what it means? In what sense it is used in positive or negative? Thanks for all your answers!!
2011년 2월 11일 오전 11:50
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It doesn't work with "devoured by women" . That makes me think of female cannibals. Devoured by a FEELING or and emotion. devoured by hatred / anger / jealousy / lust. devoured by his obsession for / preoccupation with women The object of the verb "devour" should be the feeling.
2011년 2월 11일
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