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Translate the following passage into English2 麦当劳不仅把中国人带进一种新的餐饮方式,还使他们接收一种新的行为举止。这些举止表明,他们在接受麦当劳快餐的同时,也逐步接受伴随而来的外国餐桌行为文化。这种餐桌行为文化简洁地依靠一股温暖的纯黄体现出来,这使中国人对这种外来饮食模式空前认同。于是,试图将中餐与麦当劳分店形式结合起来的尝试出现了,我们也在各大城市看到了各种中餐连锁店。它们的色调是橙色的,正如红加上黄。专家们研究表明,橙色是最能勾起食欲的颜色。无怪乎中西合璧之后的餐饮行当,无不是取调于这两者的均衡。 McDonald's not only Chinese restaurant into a new way, but also enable them to receive a new behavior. The behavior shows that they accept the McDonald's fast food, but also to gradually accept the table accompanied by acts of foreign culture. This table acts rely on a warm cultural succinctly embodied the pure yellow, which makes the Chinese people ever agree with this exotic eating patterns. As a result, Chinese food and McDonald's outlets attempt to combine the form of attempts to appear, we also see a variety of major cities in Chinese food chain. Their color is orange, as red with yellow. Experts study shows that orange is the color that best evoke appetite. No wonder the Chinese and Western food after the line of business, no not to take a balanced tone in both.
Feb 11, 2011 12:04 PM
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I see the clever again. lol
February 11, 2011
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